Not Working Two Jobs

This week, at work, has been torture. When I was working two jobs, I never thought it would be the case that the week after would be the hardest. (Although I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that they took away half my cubicle.)

Apart from work, though, life feels good. During the two jobs period, I still saw my close friends at least every week. However, those friends outside my circle I didn’t see as much. I’m reconnecting with them now.

I still have some grading to finish up, but I’m not so stressed about it. Last night, Stevie and I graded with the Arcade Fire concert on youtube in the background. Sometimes I marvel at modern life. I’ve had meetings with squirrels and graded while watching a concert.

This weekend I’ll be apartment hunting. I’m not going to dilly-dally with this. I’ll find a place that satisfies me, and then get it. It may be on the pricey end, but I’ll pay for a good location, a good room, and I’ll be able to afford it since I won’t own a car.

By the way, I’m on the hunt for programming jobs. I’m mostly a web programmer. I know PHP, Java, C++, and I’m learning Ruby. I also know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (jQuery).

If you, dear reader, know of a job, or know of anyone who wants a web site done, you know where to find me. =)

I love Friday.

(Also to-do: Write something to Lloyd)

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