Cynicism Reborn

Ugh. I’ve been more edgy the past few weeks because every time I read about the war in Libya, I get pissed off. This is a stupid, stupid war, and the US has no business being there.

I was so smug too when the Libyan civil war began, and I thought: “If McCain was president, we’d already be in there!” I was happy that whatever else Obama has done, at least we weren’t involved in another war in the Middle East.

When we began bombing the place, I was angry, but I didn’t know yet how wrong I was. The whole time I was thinking “we’d already be in there,” we actually were in there! The CIA was in there, helping the rebels.

Between this, the treatment of Bradley Manning, and the failure to close Guantanamo, I’ve run out of reasons to support the man I helped get elected as president.

How ironic that the man awarded a Nobel Peace Prize escalated the war in Afghanistan and involved the US in a third war in the Middle East. The man who knows so much about constitutional law goes to war without even talking to Congress.

Fuck this. Fuck all you shitheads in government.

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