Wall O’ Cliches

I fucking hate the way they decorated the new fitness center at work. A sample of phrases you’ll find in bold print: Finish strong, slow and steady, mind and body, breathe…

Whenever something idiotic is done, I like to imagine the brainstorming that went on. “Hey, I got an idea! Let’s throw up some stock photos and put random cliches in places!”

“Cool! What kind of cliches?”

“I don’t know. Anything that vaguely relates to sports or working out. We only have a few minutes left in this meeting, so I wouldn’t worry about fancy things like parallel construction or tense or parts of speech.”

It’s seriously the last part that bothers me the most. They couldn’t even bother to make the words match in any fucking way. They haphazardly threw phrases together without worrying if they went together or not. I don’t enjoy it when idiots shit all over the English language.

Blogging note:

I’ve decided to post more often. I’ll embrace quantity over quality for now. I figure getting in the groove of writing will help spark ideas for longer pieces of writing. (Warning: I may suddenly change course with this quantity/quality thing, as I have in the past.)

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