Just Stuff

I’ve been battling with AT&T the past week. They shut off my internet and I couldn’t get it back on. I finally canceled my service after tech support hung up on me. In retrospect, I think cancellations should be the second call I make — that’s probably the best way to escalate your ticket.

Last Saturday, as I’m watching football, my TV suddenly shuts off. So, now my TV is broken and I have no internet. I’m glad my friends were able to make do with watching a DVD on my friends laptop.

Oh and I lost my fantasy football QB for the year. So, I’ve got Tebow in one league (glad no one picked him up after I dropped him) and Palmer in another league (a bye week solution becomes a permanent solution).

All in all, not a great week. But in my head, I wanted to label it one of the worst weeks ever.

It wasn’t, though. I’ve lived without TV before. I’ve lived without internet at my place before. I had to walk to Starbucks to use the internet, or use it at work, but it wasn’t as if some great injustice had been done to me. I’m paying a little bit more for Comcast now. My TV is still under warranty, and I still have a working old TV.

Yet even if this stuff wasn’t easily replaced, it’s still only stuff. I don’t need any of it. It’s good to be reminded of that. Or rather, I need to make an effort to remind myself of it more frequently (not just from time to time). It’s just stuff. It doesn’t matter.

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