Math Homework — What’s the point?

I’m supposed to be taught the topic during class. The homework is supposed to be practice. I don’t need this “practice.” I can get A’s on tests just fine without doing the homework. I can learn the material perfectly well without homework. So, tell me, what’s the point of doing it? Just because it’s graded? That shouldn’t be my motivation. Because math homework is useless to me, I don’t feel that I should have to do it, and I don’t feel that I’m unreasonable.

3 thoughts on “Math Homework — What’s the point?

  1. biff

    You seem to be forgetting the communistic policies that define school that come into play here. While in this case the issues at hand have more credibility with regard to the majority of people, rather than the viewpoint of the “progressive visionaries”, it all works out the same for someone opposed to it. Similarly to the way that (supposedly) 60% of people are visual learners and the 40% who are not have to put up with classroom teaching strategies that aren’t designed for them, likewise, people who can understand a concept without having to repeat it 50 bazillion times still end up getting the same amount of homework as those who can’t.

  2. oh you know who

    you’ll love college — homework is optional! the system is ideal for braniacs like you dood. and i hate how i hafta do all the homework to fully understand a concept while other people don’t do crap except go to class and SIT THERE, with the same results. hrmph. oh well though; i’ve been on both sides of the spectrum so it’s all good. Except I usually do the homework and go to the professor’s office hours to make up for falling asleep in class instead of paying attention…whoops! That’s why Cal Poly is “learn by doing.” Or learn by failing. Take your pick. You get it eventually. =D

  3. chocollate jnr

    i think your all a bunch of stooges. homework is a waste of my time i could be jumping on my fn trampampaline. I am smarter than homework so i dont do it and still pass except that stupid Mr mattson he is sooo gay.

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