Daily Archives: June 1, 2004

Out of Context Awards: May 2004

About half and half, from Josh and me. At first, I was worried that there wouldn’t be any, but there was a flurry of filler quotes towards the end of the month, spurred by an initial contribution by Josh. Here they are, in no particular order (I’ll reveal the winner at the end)…

“There are people in New York, but not in Massachusets- Maybe they’re all puppets!” – Stevie

WeirdJosh: the first one’s context is that me and Stevie were talking, and I was loudly exclaiming my incredible unconcious tendency to mime my conversation with any stuffed animals I happen to be holding

WeirdJosh: which led into me possibly working with the Muppets, and then wondering how one went about getting the qualifications for that, and then mentioning a Puppet Institute of Massachusets

WeirdJosh: to which we both laughed and Stevie said that no body lived there, and that she couldn’t even imagine “Massachusets people”

WeirdJosh: and then I said that the puppeter institute was probably in New York, and then the quote


WeirdJosh: and for Shane’s, his little brother was at prom, but wasn’t dancing. eventually he did, however, he did it at a three foot distance

WeirdJosh: hence Shane’s outburst

“It’s all about putting people down to make yourself feel better.” – Jason

We were trash talking Awards Night. Here’s the line before the quote: BuRniNgCiGar: talking trash is awesome.

“When [your dad and I] got married, we went to Hawaii for Halloween…” – my mom

She meant honeymoon, but she said Halloween.

“well next time u’ll just have to spring it on her” – Lindsay

WeirdJosh: context: I was talking to Lindsay who was talking to her crush, and then we switched rails slightly over to mine, and I mentioned that I hadn’t given her a classic greeting in a while, and then the quote

“I always called them sausage plants.” – Heidi

Euh, $10 says I got the name wrong of the person. I’d never really talked to her before in math class, and I’m already bad with the names of people I do know. She was working on a game board for Ms. Weltchek’s, and it was a park scene. Next to the lake were cattails. I commented on them, and she didn’t know what I was referring to. Evidently, yeah, she called them sausage plants, or hot dog plants. The point is, the gameboard looked swell. Actually, the point is the quote.

And the further point… the winner is…