Daily Archives: October 22, 2004

Comment about Scientology

Nikki left this comment under my entry about Scientology. Scientology is very scary.

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I was born into a family of staunch scientologists and suffered from intractable epileptic seizures for 25 years.

My whole life I was led to believe that my problem was spiritual, not physical. I was emotionally tortured and shamed by scientology because of the ridiculous theories and activities that were thrust upon me. There was also the sense that I was failing my family and LRon every time I had a seizure -which was often. It was as though it was somehow MY FAULT! I eventually tried to kill myself with anti-convulsants when I was thirteen years old.

When neurologists recommended that I undergo brain surgery to remove the benign brain tumour that was CAUSING the seizures in my right temporal lobe, my father went bezerk and tried to stop the evil doctors from profiting from my doom.

Since undergoing the temporal lobectomy five years ago I have been 100% seizure-free. No medicine required and CERTAINLY no auditing, touch asists and all that other CRAP they had me doing since I was a young girl.

Stay away from scientology – they’ll fcuk with your mind the way that they have and still do with my family’s.

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