Daily Archives: October 31, 2004

Agnoiologist Endorses Kerry

WHY I CAN’T VOTE FOR BUSH — Conscientious Objector, by Robert A. George. This article explains it best, at least according to my thoughts.

Am I jumping ship? Damn right I am. Jumping from a ship that has been hijacked by neocons and evangelicals.

The issue with Rehnquist also tipped my decision. I’d rather have Kerry appointing our next Supreme Court judges. If Rehnquist dies, that could leave Bush appointing the next Chief Justice and I would not like seeing someone like Scalia in that position.

I think a Kerry victory will better position the Republicans for a victory in 2008. Notice the bounce after the Republican convention, versus the no bounce from the Democratic convention. Republicans did a better job of appealing to the middle. If this hijacked ship crashes with Bush at the helm, it will be easier to rebuild a better ship, a better party.

I don’t believe Kerry will be a great president. Far from it. I think the president he will be most similar to is Jimmy Carter.

Plus, with all that’s going on, Kerry is trapped by these circumstances. I don’t think he’ll be able to keep all these promises, especially when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes. How’s everything going to get paid for when the baby boomers start getting their social security?

Kerry’s plan for Iraq isn’t all too different from Bush’s plan. I mean, France and Germany already said they wouldn’t send any troops. Kerry’s not going to be able to build a giant coalition. But the echo plan is a reason to vote for Kerry! It provides reassurance for me, at least, that we won’t simply abandon Iraq. You can get the Bush plan without the Bush. However, he will be bogged down by the situation in Iraq. In a way, I feel sorry for him and this mess he could inherit. Kerry won’t bring anything grand to the table, but at least it’ll be a fresh start, and maybe there’ll finally be some accountability.

Speaking of accountability:

How come after 9/11, no one got fired?

How come after Abu Ghraib, no one got fired?

How come after the intelligence failure in Iraq, no one got fired?

President Bush, I thank you for what you’ve done (after all, I respect the office of the presidency), but… “You’re fired.”