Daily Archives: January 21, 2005

Compliments and Such

“God let 175,000 people die in a tsunami, you think he’s going to help you with your test?” — something I said to a classmate yesterday. Got a positive response from someone else too: “Good one, Shawn.”

I love compliments like that, for things I don’t expect. For example, the first day I said the Pledge of Allegiance without “under God”, the person in front of my uttered the comment, “Nice.”

In calculus, I like to draw pictures on the chalkboard. So, I was talking to someone during Psychology, and she says, “Your last drawing inspired my class to draw something funny.” So, we take the hall pass (this is right before the bell rings) in order for me to view the picture. Inside the classroom, some girl I don’t know learns that I’m the one who has been drawing the pictures. I’m happy to hear that she thinks they’re absolutely hilarious.

It reminds me of the positive e-mails I’ve gotten for my website, psycho-ward.org, which have been rather lacking as of late. I haven’t updated that site enough and there’s no excuse. I just have replaced it with other priorities. I miss them, though — the positive e-mails, I mean. Instead, all I have is immature vitriol on my Weekly Polls. However, I can take pride in that some people know not to take things seriously: “oh yeah, Mr. Dictator? making up things isn’t going to provoke any comments from me, so there!”