Daily Archives: January 24, 2005

Pondering the Agnoiologist

I have been pondering the Agnoiologist weblog, as an entity, as of late. I have also been pondering the question of readership. What does that Agnoiologist offer that would make you want to tell your friends about it? What new insights does it offer?

Weblogging is becoming trendy and I don’t want to be an unvisited cookie-cutter weblog. I’ve been writing in general, and I’m still proud of what I wrote… I just want to take it do a different level, or at least try something different. What I want to do is find some kind of niche I can occupy in this here ecosystem called the blogosphere.

Should I hearken back to the roots? The Agnoiologist should study human stupidity, no? Hm. But the question is how. What I really want to try to do is make a weblog that people can laugh at. As much as I love my satirical pieces, I cannot do those all the time. Not only is it too much work, it’s too much like The Onion. Besides, I have principles against parody for parody’s sake.

I have an idea of what I want to try, however. Recently, I have been working on a comedy bit — a stand-up type routine. For my weblog though, I can’t post long pieces. What I want to try is post little random comedic blurbs. Of course, there will still be interludes of geopolitics.

Let’s try this:

My English teacher gave us a project for Valentine’s Day. We are supposed to find a love poem, decorate a card, and write a short biographical blurb. It is due before Valentine’s Day so she can get it back to us before then, just in case we want to give it to someone. Yeah, that will be smooth: “Here you go, my one true love, here is a card I did for an English project and inside is biographical information of some person you do not know.” Nothing says love like a required assignment. “I got an F on it, but hopefully you will give me an A.”