Daily Archives: January 17, 2005

You Fat American Pigs

Those stupid 100 Calorie Packs. The only reason they’re 100 Calories is because it’s such a small portion.

Wait a second, us silly Americans. We complain about these stupid small portions, but we forget to realize that we’re fat pigs who are used to eating gargantuan over-sized portions. Really, if we ate less, we wouldn’t be as fat.

You go out and eat, and since you paid so much, you feel obligated to eat it all. And our elders don’t help. After all, there are starving kids in Africa who’d love to eat that. Psh.

That’s the overlooked item. Exercise more. Eat healthier foods. Less carbs. Less fat. How about less food?

Pirate Speak and Ebonics

psychowarddotorg: Ever notice how similar pirate speak and ebonics are?

psychowarddotorg: I mean, in terms of grammatical structure

ttamyzarc: aye

ttamyzarc: aite

ttamyzarc: whoa!

ttamyzarc: shiver me timbers and holla at my peeps

Upcoming weblog entry: Something relating school to Waiting for Godot.