Daily Archives: August 7, 2006

Four Seasons

Today, I chanced upon a striking image, which I’d completely forgotten about. This serendipitous discovery has prompted me to change gears. You, the reader, don’t mind if I delay news commentary for a day, right? You don’t have that short an attention span, do you? Of course not.

Living in the Bay Area, I am exposed to some of the most wonderful weather in the world. (Except for this year, when we experienced record rainfall and record heat.) California doesn’t have its reputation for sunshine for nothing. The disadvantage of daily 70 degree weather (okay, if you believe that it’s daily, I’ve got a bridge to sell you…) is that you miss seasons. I don’t get snow. There’s no beautiful fall foliage. There’s sunny and then there’s rainy.

It’s different on the East Coast. What I found were some pictures I took in Balitmore, from my dorm window. They were taken throughout the year, in an attempt to capture the change in seasons.

This is when I first arrived, in early September. Bad angle, I know, but I didn’t have this planned until after I already had this picture.


Here you can see the leaves changing colors.


Now, all the leaves are gone. That’s why they call it fall, eh. Okay, wait, there’s snow there too. I’m not sure when I took this picture.




The rejuvenation… the leaves are back.