Daily Archives: October 8, 2006

North Korea Tests Nukes

North Korea tests a nuke. Will the Republicans beat the war drums loudly enough to drown out the Foley scandal?

Will they place the blame squarely on Clinton?

Are we safer now than we were 6 years ago?

What is Rove’s October Surprise?

Tune in this month for the answer to these questions and more on…

Ah shit, this is fucking real life…

Not Enough Hours in a Day

How am I supposed to pursue my interest in politics while at the same time being so busy with schoolwork? I can handle my classes, but I can’t handle them and all I want to do at the same time. How can I write my discourse?

I think I might have to drop a class… Then again, if I’m so busy, other people must be more busy. How do I convince them to act when the time comes?