Not Enough Hours in a Day

How am I supposed to pursue my interest in politics while at the same time being so busy with schoolwork? I can handle my classes, but I can’t handle them and all I want to do at the same time. How can I write my discourse?

I think I might have to drop a class… Then again, if I’m so busy, other people must be more busy. How do I convince them to act when the time comes?

0 thoughts on “Not Enough Hours in a Day

  1. Lloyd Nebres

    An intriguing dilemma. Not sure how I would deal with it, either. College life for me was, more than … 20 years ago now. ::flinch::

    The thing about people needing to act “when the time comes” is that some preparation is necessary. Mostly on your part, but on theirs too. People can’t act on a vacuum of knowledge or awareness; prior preparation is definitely essential, particular on political action. As a potential leader, the onus is on you to prepare your community—the people around you—to move a certain way when the time comes.

    So, your dilemma is a sharp one indeed. At the very least you’re mulling that one over, unlike most young people I know. Keep thinking, turning things over in your mind. Something will occur to you… I’m sure of it.

    I’d share with you aspects of my own political activity in my personal history, but I’m uncertain how well third world political movements of the 70s and 80s map to contemporary 21st century American society and culture. Some aspects remain timeless, to be sure… but the specificity of the situation and context here may well demand a different approach.