Vote no on 8! Vote for Obama!

All signs point towards an Obama victory. It’s kind of weird. I’ve never had a (living) politician I’ve actively admired. I supported him through this election, being one of the first million donors to his campaign. As time went on, I definitely became more of a partisan — I really don’t want McCain elected. One could say I am “in the tank” for Obama. I’m still angry about his telecom immunity vote, but I’ve put that aside. With any other politician, and with a more credible opposition candidate, that would probably be a deal-breaker. What I really don’t get is what I do after the election. I will feel more free to criticize him, but I won’t stop liking him. Honestly, this will be really weird having a politician in office who I actually admire.

I have a paper due Wednesday, so my blogging will be light until after dinner time. Of course, I’ll have to write some type of post-election essay.

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