Daily Archives: May 13, 2011

Working at Oracle

I found the following picture on Oracle’s website to be a very insightful window into their working conditions and hierarchy.

Java Developers are at the bottom of the food chain. They have to sit on the floor. I wonder if a pillar is available for everyone, or just the senior Java developers. Even so, I can’t imagine that this is ergonomically sound.

Database Admins are a step up. They at least get a pillow beneath their asses.

System Admins get to work on the limited number of stairs. I imagine that there are twenty other System Admins in a row behind that young man in the picture.

I had no idea that the recession had hit developers so hard.

However, Architects appear to be safe. They are sitting in cushy offices, controlling computers without the use of their hands or arms. They made out like bankers! Er, bandits.

I do hope Oracle can soon afford chairs for their developers.