Apprentice Week 2, Season 3

What do you call it when you keep like a running weblog entry as something is going on? I think there’s a word for it, but I don’t remember. Anyway, I coined the term “echo-blog” when I was talking to Lloyd the other day. I want to expand that term and implications in future entries.

What wacky predictions do I have? I don’t know, haven’t watched the show yet. Let me, however, give you my proto-hypothesis, my uneducated guess, that I told Jason before this season of Apprentice started: The “street smarts” team would win at first, but in the end, Trump would pick someone originally from the “book smarts” team.

An uneducated guess, though. So, I don’t put any stock in it, really. I’ve decided to put it out there, though, just to see what will happen.

8:40 – My sister upon seeing Bren during the intro sequence: “Ew, he looks like Smeagol.”

8:51 – Danny wore a suit. Smart. My level of respect for this guy just went up.

9:13 – I was thinking about it, and wow, it is all about the customer service. If people think you’re nice, they will give you a higher rating than you deserve. You know you’ve done it. Good call, again, Danny. Another notch up. The PM of Net Worth will probably get fired. No control. Once you start to lose control, you got to change directions. Nip the problem in the bud. He could’ve gotten past the budget issues, I bet. But not controlling your team. I didn’t think he was a bad leader until after everyone ditched him, and he did nothing.

9:24 – Okay… weird Verna walks out. Hello, all the people from first season got good job offers, even though they didn’t win. But you…? Nobody wants a quitter.

10:00 – Verna comes back, but whatever. We all know you’re not going to win. As for who might win? John is actually my early pick. His remarks about Brian were right on the money. John’s intelligent, and already proved he was a good leader.

Moral of today’s show: Never quit. Maybe you can learn something from TV.

Why The Apprentice is a brilliant show: It’s one big advertisement. First off, it’s great advertising for Donald Trump. You’ve also got product placement: The Donald lauds the hell out of those companies. Then, you got the more subliminal advertising, like going to Target. I was not surprised at all to see an actual Target commercial later on.