Daily Archives: September 4, 2004

Is Kerry Finished?

Bush now has a double-digit lead, according to the latest TIME poll.

[Tracing this link: I got it from kausfiles, which got it from blissful knowledge.]

Seems like the early primary isn’t helping the Democrats. Sure, the candidate came through the primary primarily unscathed, but the candidate wasn’t tested enough to know if he could have run a good campaign.

If the Democrats had a stronger candidate, this would be a definitive victory for them. Instead, they have Kerry. I remember when I was in DC, and some girl asked me to contribute money to their Beat Bush something or another, she didn’t put up any disagreement when I mentioned that Kerry wasn’t a very good candidate. Yet, that’s just an anecdote; she doesn’t speak for everyone.

But it’s hard to tell — Kerry could still pull off a victory.

I wonder how much damage came from the so-called “Swift Boat Controversy.”

You hear about people who voted for Bush who aren’t voting for him this time, but I think the Republicans did a pretty good job picking some people to speak at their convention to combat this. They picked perceived moderates such as Schwarzenegger and McCain; they picked Democrats who had jumped ship.

I can’t watch conventions too long, though. I feel weird… like I’m watching part of a pro wrestling broadcast. However, I did manage to catch the tail end of Schwarzenegger’s speech, and I was impressed.