Daily Archives: September 8, 2004

Shifting CW

It’s very very interesting how the Conventional Wisdom shifts so suddenly. Before, it was Kerry’s race to lose. Now, Kerry has to switch to talking only on domestic issues to beat the Bush post-convention bounce (saw this on The O’Reilly Factor too!). Correspondingly, Bush is now supposedly invincible on Iraq and security.

There’s a few factors they’re missing.

1) At least before the Republican convention, Kerry was beating Bush on the issues, but not overall. Kerry is a bad candidate!

2) Bush is not invincible on the war in Iraq. One thousand soldiers dead. Shouldn’t that count for something? Maybe if Kerry actually took a real stance, he could do substantial damage. I will flesh out my latest ideas about Iraq in later entries.

2) b) In fact! I predict that if Kerry only focuses on domestic issues, he WILL LOSE! I am 100% sure he will if that becomes his course of action. The American people want to vote for the president who they will feel safer with. Which president will make America safer, will make them safer? A presidential candidate who ignores the issue of terrorism will not make Americans feel safer.

One more thing about this race: The American People! I want more talk about what the candidates are going to do for us.

NOTE: Will provide more links later.