Daily Archives: September 30, 2004

About the Debate

Definitely no clear winner in the debate. To clarify: It ain’t gonna convince anyone who ain’t already convinced. They kept talking, and I kept forgetting what the damn question was. It’s similar to the feeling you get when you’re listening to the radio and there are so many commercials that you forget what you were listening to — only, these were self-commercials for the candidates.

Additionally, the candidates kept repeating the same things over and over, using the same buzzwords and catchphrases. It was a 90 minute debate over a few minutes worth of various soundbites. In fact, I’m sure Bush used the same exact rebuttal during the extensions for different questions.

A few good points for Kerry:

  • asserted his solidified position on Iraq
  • the “more of the same” line — that one hit hard

Also, I noticed one time Kerry saying that he was being consistent, and when Bush replied, Bush said nothing of substance, only repeating the rhetoric that Kerry was shifting his positions and sending mixed messages.

I felt as if Kerry missed a big opportunity to attack Bush during the discussion on Darfur, but I don’t remember exactly what. Note to self: Take notes during next debate.

I guess people were really hoping for one clear winner during this debate. Hardcore Republicans went in expecting Kerry to flip flop like no tomorrow. Hardcore Democrats went in expecting to see Bush be the bumbling idiot with no speaking skills whatsoever. Instead, all we got was more of the same. There were instances where there could be perceived Kerry flip flops, if you were searching really hard for them and expecting them, but I don’t think Kerry committed such gross atrocities as to lose the debate. I don’t believe there were any real flip flops during the debate, and at one point, you could really tell Kerry was frustrated, when he said, “that’s not the issue” and proceeded to say the president was wrong in his approach to Iraq.

Now, readers may come across this and think I’ve shifted my position to support Kerry (or have always supported him, which is not the case), but I must remind you that I said there was no clear winner. I just don’t see Kerry as the anti-Christ who will doom us all.

My position now? I don’t see Kerry as the anti-Christ, nor do I see him as a savior. Kerry insinuated that reelecting Bush would bring us four years of more of the same; with Kerry, we probably still won’t be getting much more of the different.