Daily Archives: September 12, 2004

Moments of Levity Before Plunging Back into Politics

Good news: Opus is once again a full half page on the San Jose Mercury News. I never sent anything off to them, but I wonder if anyone else did (not anyone who reads this, of course, but just Opus fans in general). Actually, way back when, Clear Blue Water was the some syndicate’s “featured” comic, so maybe it’s not so featured anymore. Anyway, Opus back to regular size, good.

The moment of levity that makes the title plural: I made a tie out of duct tape. Well, not completely, there’s an actual old tie on the inside. So, I wore it on Friday, and it didn’t receive bad reviews. I’m not going to wear it again on Monday, but I probably will sometime this week. [picture to be added later today if I manage to finish my homework early]

I will be plunging back into politics tomorrow, mostly commenting on the latest negative press on the Bush administration.