Johnny-Come-Lately Attack Politics


“You’re stupid.”

“Yeah, well you’re stupider!” (high-fives all around)

I question the so-called Texans for Truth, as much as I question the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth. Personally, I don’t think it’s a very slick tactic. “I’ll show you, I’ll stoop lower than your level!” isn’t very impressive. In fact, it seems more like, “Ah crap, they got us good, let’s try the same exact thing!”

That’s not the only reason I don’t think this latest batch of attacks on Bush’s time in the Texas Air National Guard is going to work: This story broke months ago. It’s old news to the American public. The Democrats made a mistake with that. They should’ve sat on the story until now (or a little bit before the whole Swift Boat deal); it would’ve had a bigger impact, instead of fading into the dust so quickly.

Bush is handling the attacks better than Kerry, I think. Honorably discharged, end of story, they say. It kind of does it for me. Besides, I don’t think spending 4 months in a war you didn’t believe in makes you qualified to be president (not that dodging the war does). What I’m trying to say is: More issues, less mud.

I’m reserving judgment on the memos. I wasn’t alive in the 1970s, and have almost zero experience with a typewritier. However, this article brings up some guy who was already discharged by the time the memos mention him. Plus, the person who wrote the memos supposedly had very crappy typing skills. Anyway, where are the originals?

While we’re on the topic of attacks: I bet most of you’ve heard the latest Cheney quote, that says if we elect Kerry, we’ll be “hit hard”, but did you know the Cheney quote was taken out of context?